Attention Entrepeneurs: Start-Up Chile Awarding $40,000 Grants, Visas, Connections

Start-Up Chile is a one of a kind opportunity for global minded entrepeneurs. The Chilean government along with Corfo, a governmental agency formed to promote economic growth in Chile, are offering $40,000 grants, 1 year visas, and access to business connections and networks to “early stage, high-potential entrepreneurs to bootstrap their startups in Chile, using it as a platform to go global.” The program began in 2010 and during its pilot stage Start-Up Chile gave awards to 22 startups from 14 different countries according to the program’s official website. The program is currently accepting applications which must be written in English, and provide all required documentation. The application process is open until October, 27th – very short notice I know – however, judging by the past success it has had and the enthusiasm with which the Chilean government is promoting this program I would wager it will be around for years to come. Applicants be warned: the directors of Start-Up Chile are only considering the most innovative and well-thought-out business plans and in order for your idea to be successful it must first be approved by top Chilean government officials and Stanford academics. You can view the full list of directors in this article from Start-Up Chile’s blog which provides the most current information on the program.

I, personally, have never heard of such an amazing opportunity and if I had the right experience, idea, and resources you can bet I would be back in Santiago in a heartbeat. After having spent the last few weeks looking deeper into the make-up and state of the Chilean economy it has become clear to me that Chile is rife with opportunity. If you’re looking for a place to invest Chile should be close to, or on top of your list.

Don’t take it from me, here are a couple articles that go deeper in exploring Chile’s potential:


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Aspiring business professional focused on the South American business climate. International Business major - University of Nevada, Reno.

One response to “Attention Entrepeneurs: Start-Up Chile Awarding $40,000 Grants, Visas, Connections”

  1. Brad Cabanilla says :

    This really is a unique and cool opportunity. There needs to be some extensive market research about the area and growing needs though. What trends or rise in pop culture down there could you formulate a business plan around that sets your business apart from existing ones down there? What did you see while down there that could be capitalized on?

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