3 Valuable Resources for International Job-Seekers

As I’ve discussed in previous posts, there is a ton of opportunity for American business professionals just waiting to be taken advantage of in Latin American countries. The problem is, they are rarely advertised on common job sites such as Indeed.com, Careerbuilder, and monster. In order to discover the jobs being offered in Spanish speaking countries one often must explore websites and information pages based out of said countries. However, most of them are in Spanish and unreadable to a great deal of job seekers.

Not to worry though, there are also a great deal of websites that cater to American professionals looking for international opportunity – here are some of the best ones:


 LatPro generally caters to bilingual professionals and shares a great deal of jobs both within the U.S. and south of the border. This site could be very helpful to those who want to work with a company that is involved in the global marketplace but do not wish to relocate outside of the U.S. Latpro features a great deal of positions with companies that do business with Latin America but are locally based. LatPro also features a great deal of resources – not just job postings. Here is some info the website provides on its “About” page:

“The LatPro service enables employers and recruiters to efficiently find professional candidates with language skills, international experience and/or multicultural knowledge. With over 150,000 unique visitors to LatPro every month and a resume database of 151,942 registered jobseekers, LatPro provides access to the most in-depth pool of Hispanic professionals available anywhere (view real-time candidate demographics).”

The Riley Guide 

The Riley Guide does not explore opportunity and give resources regarding Latin America in specific – however, once you identify the region of your choice you can gain access to valuable information regarding international opportunity just about anywhere in the world.

The Riley Guide includes information regarding the job search and provides tips and advice for professionals regarding things like average salaries, resume and cover letters and how they are different in the international scope, and how to research desirable organizations and learn more about potential employers.

Latin American Jobs

Latinamericanjobs.com provides similar information as the two previous sites – one unique feature about this website, however, is that it features a section specifically for college students which details professional development and international programs in Latin America that can lead to improved knowledge regarding the region as well as employment opportunities.

Like LatPro and the Riley Guide, Latin American Jobs also has utility for recruiters who are looking for the most talented professionals coming out of the U.S. that are exploring international options in employment.

I hope that these sites can be of use to my valued readers and that given the state of today’s economy we see a continued trend of Americans capitalizing on the abundant opportunity in Latin America.


About ebenwebber

Aspiring business professional focused on the South American business climate. International Business major - University of Nevada, Reno.

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