Want to Set Yourself Apart From the Competition? Think Global

“I will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree from the College of Business at my University.” This is a true statement on my part, and while my focus of study and date of graduation may be different from other students in the same situation, the fact remains that Business majors are by far the most common demographic when it comes to degree-holding-job-seekers. According to various online sources, including the Princeton Review, majors in Business Administration and Management are the most common amongst college students today. What’s more, the current job market is poor and amongst graduates of business programs vying for the same positions – competition is fierce.

So how does one set him/herself apart from the competing hordes of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed graduates who are chasing the same jobs with, in most cases, only minor differences in qualifications? How does one gain a competitive edge in their efforts to find a fulfilling, high-paying career with room for advancement? The old cliche, of “thinking outside of the box,” – while both motivational and valid in theory – is not so helpful when it comes to the job hunt.

Given the unlimited amount of information that can be found online regarding interviewing, resume building, networking and so, we all have access to the same resources for the most part. Granted, the caliber of your school and the programs it offers can be a huge advantage but it seems more and more that people truly believe that getting a good job hinges on who you know and how lucky you are when it comes to encountering opportunity. However, to my mind thinking outside of U.S. borders and considering opportunity abroad can be a great way to eliminate competition and get involved in business on a global scale.

Globalization is continuing to influence the way business is done across the globe. Trade relationships today exist between more countries than ever before, and many prominent firms in the U.S. conduct the majority of their business activity abroad. Singling out and researching specific industries and companies that take part in business overseas can not only narrow your choices as to potential employers, it can also offer you the opportunity to become involved with the world of global trade – which seems unlikely to slow down anytime soon.

According to this article from The Daily Beast, students who go abroad in their studies can distinguish themselves from other students with valuable experience and cultural exposure. The article suggests: “…college administrators say, if the experience is in a culture crucial to the way many businesses are now organized, it can give them a leg up in the job market. Especially when paired with an internship, even a few months’ time out of the United States can help them enter companies that have, say, suppliers in China, customers in Brazil, and colleagues in India. “Just getting them abroad makes such a difference, regardless of the program,” says Stone, who plays down the partying angle. “…” What’s more numerous ESL programs in other countries offer students the opportunity to gain this experience and learn a foreign language at little to no cost. Personally, I find major encouragement in the fact that no matter whether you choose to think about entrepreneurial opportunities abroad, seeking employment in a foreign country, or finding an American company that is involved in the global marketplace, there is plenty of opportunity. In short, it seems clear to me that International Business major or not – looking to international opportunity is one surefire way to increase your probability of finding a great career.


About ebenwebber

Aspiring business professional focused on the South American business climate. International Business major - University of Nevada, Reno.

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