Latin America – An Emerging Superpower?

This video from Al Jazeera explores the idea of Latin America becoming the leading superpower in the world. While I personally find this idea absurd, the video does make some very interesting points and features interesting commentary from various Latin American authors and experts on the region.

The fact that content is being produced regarding the possibility of Latin America “taking over” is certainly a testament to the growing relevance of the region. An article was released yesterday from The Wall Street Journal revealing that poverty rates in Latin America are the lowest they’ve been in 20 years. Obama’s visit to the region in March is an indicator that the U.S. looks to strengthen its ties with Latin America. Loads of content have been coming out recently regarding the growing clout of Latin America, and Latin American countries such as Chile, Brazil, and Colombia have been demonstrating promising signs of economic growth and stability. In short, as I’ve said time and time again Latin America matters now more than ever in terms of the global marketplace. However, implying that Latin America could unify and become the most powerful political entity in the world is very far-fetched given its current state.

Although poverty rates have fallen, they are still very high in a global scope, education rates are also comparatively poor. As the video points out, unification of Latin America is seemingly impossible considering the sheer diversity of countries and the existence of turbulent states like Venezuela. Bringing together a grouping of countries that ranges from economic powerhouses like Brazil to some of the poorest countries in the world such as Haiti does is less than feasible. Nevertheless, I found it to be an interesting thought and I am thoroughly convinced that moving forward organizations like UNASUR will be become very influential given Latin America’s recent performance and growth.


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